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Latest Update June 2016

From 1 July 2016 ASIC fees for many standard lodgements will increase. Below we list our amended prices for some of our more popular services. Most of our prices remain unchanged and accordingly are not listed. Other than a small increase in the cost of providing an internet company binder or a full internet kit (binder and printout) any increases only reflect the increased ASIC fees. These increases have been made to deflect the higher costs incurred in delivering your company register by post or courier. Our professional fees have remained unchanged.

In particular please note the increase in annual review fees which will apply to all companies with a review date on or after 1 July 2016, irrespective of whether the fee has already been paid. The additional amount outstanding will be noted on the ASIC invoice when it arrives.

We thank you for your continued support this year and look forward to assisting you with your company secretarial needs in the coming financial year.

New Prices from 1 July 2016

We set out below our new prices for commonly lodged documents. Should you require a more comprehensive list of our services and fees please email your request to admin@corporateexpress.com.au

Current ASIC fee New ASIC fee Our fee from 1 July 2016
Name Reservation $46.00 $47.00 $69
Company registration $463.00 $469.00 $730.00 (Online)
$656.00 (with binder)
$700.00 (with kit)
$832.00 (Full Service)
Change of Name $382.00 $387.00 $552.00
Voluntary deregistration $38.00 $38.00 $197.50 (no change)

Late lodgement fees

Within one month of due date $75.00 $76.00
After one month of due date $312.00 $316.00

Annual review fees

Proprietary company $246 $249.00
Special purpose company $46.00 $47.00

Late fees for annual review

Within one month of due date $75.00 $76.00
After one month of due date $312.00 $316.00


The information provided in this document is for your general information only. It is not intended that anyone adopt this information to their personal circumstances without first seeking professional advice.

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